Rocky Rose

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Born: March 1, 2017 (estimate)

Health: Very good. She weighs 60 pounds. When we rescued her she weighed 3 pounds!

Temperament: Sweet with special needs. Can be aggressive and anxious.

Ambassador for Aggressive Tendency Dogs and the Importance of Behavior Training.

Rocky Rose came to us in bad shape. She was extremely bloated and couldn’t stand.
At only a few weeks old, we weren’t sure she would make it through the night.
She came from a litter of 10 and was the only survivor. Her mom rejected her and we aren’t sure how much nutrition she got at the critical early weeks of life. Through nutrient dense food, plenty of fresh water and air, a comfortable place to sleep and lots of love this little lady pulled through. She grew into a rambunctious puppy that soon displayed aggressive tendencies. Through training and a strict routine, this special needs girls is doing very well.

She loves to explore our 50 acre property, hike, play, and take long naps.

She recently completed obedience training and knows sit, stay, leave it, find it, down, with me, and come. She also knows off, but doesn’t follow the command preferring to jump up instead.

She is very smart and has a hound’s nose. She smells deer and other wildlife long before they are in sight and she is great at alerting us of trespassers.

Rocky Rose is also a special needs girl. I think because she had a rough start in life, she has a need to nibble, chew, and gnaw for comfort. She has learned bite control and what “gentle” means but she can become highly agitated and has been aggressive to cats and other small animals. Because of this she has to be managed and worked with continuously.

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