Revelation Gardens

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death, or mourning, or crying, or pain for the old order of things has passed away”. –Revelation 21:4

Revelation Gardens was founded to offer cats and dogs sanctuary in a home-like environment.  Our primary focus is pets surrendered or abandoned as a result of owner death or disability.

Research shows when companion animals experience loss they need time to grieve and heal. When placed in a shelter environment, which is often characterized by high levels of stress or are placed in a rescue (after experiencing loss) and then are uprooted again sometimes multiple times they can experience compounded grief leading to health and behavioral problems. By providing these companion animals with a sanctuary environment, we enable them to heal, rebuild trust, and experience stability for the duration of their lives.

Our programming is rooted in a home-like environment. Residents listen to soothing music, watch nature videos, explore the outdoors, engage in individual and group playtime, and enjoy healthy, nutritious food! Through a consistent routine our rescue-pets transform from being fearful and withdrawn to exploring, playing with toys, and bonding with their rescue brothers and sisters.

When Revelation Gardens was founded, we filled up almost immediately. Because of this, we believe it is imperative the underlying causes of pet abandonment, surrender, and abuse are addressed. To that end, we founded our community outreach program which helps more pets stay in the home. Our goal is to provide pet owners with the resources they need including education, stress-reduction tools, and resource alignment so fewer pets enter the rescue/shelter systems.

In addition, we opened a small adoption center so our numbers are more manageable and to help adoptable pets find their new, forever homes.

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Photo by Isadora Menezes on Pexels.com

2023 Goals


Our main focus in 2023 is to generate monthly funding for direct care costs so we are more sustainable. COVID impacted us greatly reducing the number of people who shop in our shoppe. Donations have also dropped while our intake increased dramatically. We currently care for 20 at the sanctuary, 16 at our adoption center, and 31 out our Annex equaling 81 cats and dogs! We do not receive government, state, or local funding so rely on generous donors like you to support the costs to care for our rescues. To learn how to support our work, click here!

In addition to strengthening our funding base, we have a goal to create an Office Cat Adoption/Foster Program where local businesses adopt or foster a cat or two to be their office companions. To inquire about having your own office cat, contact us here.

Unique Goods and Cool Cats Shoppe and Adoption Center

We opened our shoppe in October of 2020 as a mechanism to raise funds for our rescues. Our shoppe also houses our kitty adoption center. We offer a variety of unique items from thrift store type of goods to antiques. We have a book nook where you can read with our kitties, Dixie Belle Paint classes where you can learn how to paint and distress furniture and create unique stenciled items, and art by local artists. One hundred percent of proceeds goes to supporting our rescues. Our goal in 2022 is to increase sales to support our rescues. We are open 12-3pm daily. We are located next to Camden Donuts at 158 W Main St., Camden TN.

Community Outreach Program

Our main focus in 2022 for our community outreach program is to reach those who need us most and generate funding to support our spay/neuter grant program. If you would like to help fund our spay/neuter program, please visit our Support Our Work page here!

If you need help with caring for your pets or know someone who does, please contact us to talk further or download and complete this form. Once complete, visit us at 158 W Main Street, Camden, 12-3pm daily.