Revelation Gardens

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Revelation Gardens was founded to offer cats and dogs sanctuary in a home-like environment.  Nestled in a small community in west Tennessee, Revelation Gardens is surrounded by rolling green hills, dense forests, a large pond, and an array of wildlife. Our rescue-pet residents enjoy a life of leisure surrounded by nature and all the comforts of home.

When we founded Revelation Gardens in July 2018, our purpose was to  focus on animals that are surrendered and abandoned due to owner death or disability. What we have come to realize is there are A LOT of pets in need. This has resulted in shifting our focus to include counteracting the underlying causes of pet abandonment, surrender, and abuse so more pets stay in their home.

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Dawn Harris is the founder and President of Revelation Gardens.
Even though our mission has expanded to include counteracting the underlying causes of pet abandonment and abuse,
Dawn’s heart continues to be drawn to work with healing the impacts of pet grief.


Rescue-Pet Grief

Research shows when a companion animal experiences loss it takes time to grieve and heal. When the animal is placed into a shelter environment which is often characterized by high levels of stress or is placed in a rescue after experiencing loss and then is uprooted again sometimes multiple times, they can experience compounded grief leading to health and behavioral problems. By providing these companion animals with a sanctuary environment, we enable them to heal, rebuild trust, and experience stability for the duration of their lives.

Our approach is to provide a home-like environment. During the day residents listen to soothing music, watch nature videos, explore  the outdoors, engage in individual and group playtime, and enjoy healthy, nutritious food!

By providing consistency our rescue-pets transform from being fearful and withdrawn to exploring, playing with toys, and bonding with their rescue brothers and sisters.

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“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. 

There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, 

for the old order of things has passed away.”

Revelation 21:4

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The Revelation Gardens Rescue-Pet Environment

Animals in sterile, contained environments don’t do as well as those living in a home-like environment. In sterile crated environments pets often display signs of stress, anxiety, depression, and aggression. Conversely when pets are exposed to armchairs, reading programs, and relaxing music, for example, they have better outcomes.

We created a home so the Rescue-Pets experience a safe, stress-free environment. The sanctuary provides soothing sounds, comfortable couches, futons, and beds with blankets. There are bright sunny spots for napping, views overlooking a pond, oak trees, grassy hills, and bird houses. Cats have cat trees to climb and lounge on, tunnels to explore, and plenty of toys to bat around. Dogs experience soothing sounds too, comfortable couches, dog cots, and plenty of enrichment toys. Dogs also spend a great portion of their time running around the grounds. Each animal has their own space with several choosing to co-habitat together.

In cases like Blue, who was diagnosed with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), a low stress environment is paramount and contributes to lengthening his already shortened life due to FIV.


Resident Areas:

Kiki’s Krib has bright sunny windows with views of the majestic oak trees. This space is equipped with a small bed, steps to get on and off the bed, and a low cat tree making it an ideal space for our senior feline.

Kitten Kottage boasts views overlooking the pond and a Martin bird house. It is equipped with a futon for long cat naps, scratch poles, tunnels, and lots of toys for our young Rescue-Pet felines.

Catty Shack is a ground level space with large windows that overlook the patio and garden boxes. Birds searching for worms and scratching for seed is the main entertainment. The Catty Shack is equipped with a small bed, window seat, and lots of open space to play. On a typical day several kitties can be found watching nature shows. Several cats enjoy this area as their living quarters. This space also has a sink and storage for cat supplies.

The Atrium has vaulted ceilings and wrap-around windows with views of the pond, gardens, and grassy hills. Equipped with tall and short cat trees, a couch with blankets for kitty naps, and a television to play soothing instrumental music, this area is a favorite of the Rescue-Pets residents.

Canine Cabin opens to the patio and back property. It is equipped with an old sectional couch, pet-tunes, basket of dog toys, place for charging Invisible Fence collars, plenty of storage for supplies, and a sink. Our canine Rescue-Pets enjoy spending time here.

Our Vision

In line with our passion for healing pet grief, we will be expanding our sanctuary to offer permanent housing for pets of owners who are passing away. 

The Issue

Often, pets are relinquished to the shelter system when their owner dies or becomes unable to care for them due to long-term hospitalization or disability.

6.5 million animals enter the shelter system each year. Unfortunately, 1.5 million are euthanized for various reasons including an overburdened system, age, and disability.

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 68% of households in the United States own pets. For the small west Tennessee community where Revelation Gardens resides, that equates to 4,554 households with pets. If each household had just one pet, and utilizing the reported death rate of 17%, that would mean almost 800 animals would find themselves in a home where a death occurred. Each situation is unique, but we can draw some strong estimates from those numbers

With the rates talked about above, the projected increases of Alzheimer’s cases of up to 44%, and the 65+ age bracket increasing at a fast pace, the system will more than likely become even more overloaded.

When a pet loses its owner through situations like these, they often become a casualty of the system. Many organizations exist to help ease the number of pets that go into shelters, but too many aren’t reached resulting in surrender to a shelter.

Because we are passionate about healing pet grief, we plan to expand to provide sanctuary to more pets who are experiencing despair. One idea is to purchase a 5-bedroom modular home to be placed on our 50-acre property. We selected a modular home for a couple of reasons. 1) it is nearly move-in ready 2) in the event the nonprofit seeks to transfer off our property, this can be done relatively easily by moving the modular home to another location. This endeavor is called Hope Housing and will utilize the same model as the Revelation Gardens sanctuary for rescue-pet care. Residents will listen to soothing music, watch nature videos and other breed specific programming, explore the property, and engage in play or spend time on their own as they desire.

Pet owners can secure a spot in our upcoming Hope Housing to ensure their pet has a safe, beautiful, permanent home for the rest of their lives. If you would like your pet to live with us contact Revelation Gardens for further information.

Sample modular home:

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