About Us

Our primary purpose is to help animals in our care learn to trust and live happy, healthy lives for the rest of their lives

In conjunction with this purpose, we work to create a good fit between an adopter and a rescue. We match personality, energy level, and lifestyle so our rescues thrive and the adoption is a lifelong pairing.

Since we began our work, we have had so many successes! A few of our favorite stories include these:


Rory came to us as a fearful girl that had many triggers leaving her terrified in certain situations. She stayed with a wonderful foster for months as she worked through her issues while also undergoing heartworm treatment. She finally found a home on a horse farm in upstate New York and is living her best life kayaking, hanging with her new doggie friends, and going on car rides. They tell us Rory is very sweet and they are very happy to have her be part of their family.

Rory went from being surrendered, terrified, and heartworm positive to living her life free of heartworms and part of a wonderful family that takes her kayaking!


Pio is a perfect example of the need to find a perfect match between an adopter and a rescue. She came to us angry and mean. She was declawed so couldn’t cause too many injuries but she sure tried and she definitely used her teeth to let people know she wanted to be left alone.

Pio was brought to the shelter and then adopted and then returned. She was adopted again to a high energy family then brought to us. She spent time at our adoption center, was with a foster for a short time, then went to our Annex. Everyone thought Pio was trouble. But what we found is she needed a mellow environment and time to just be. She was triggered by a lot of activity and needed the space to be able to say no if she wanted to. She lived at our Annex for several months in her own room where we worked with her and provided a very low key environment and lots of positive attention and love. She learned to feel safe and began to be gentle and she began to thrive.

We received an inquiry from a potential adopter looking for a declawed cat. As it turned out Pio was a very good fit for them because they were patient and willing to give her the time and space she needed to feel safe. They also have a low key lifestyle so Pio wouldn’t get overstimulated. Pio is now living a life that suits her very well and is thriving!

Our secondary purpose is reducing the need for pets to go into a rescue or shelter

As a society we can continue to care for homeless, abused, and surrendered pets, but if we don’t look at the underlying causes, the number of animals will continue to grow. For this reason we provide community outreach and support to help pet owners overcome barriers to keeping their pets.

We do this in the following ways:

  • Provide pet owners with resource alignment connecting them with agencies
    that can help with their unique situation.
  • We also provide supplies through Buddy’s Bowl, spay/neuter grants when we have funding, behavioral consultations, and educational support. This helps equip pet owners with the tools and resources they need so more pets stay in the home.

We engage in continuing education to keep Revelation Gardens current with best practices of the rescue/shelter industry.

We have a 0% euthanasia rate

We are a no-kill rescue and do not euthanize when we are overcapacity. On occasion and under veterinary recommendation, we have used euthanasia when an animal has a serious injury or illness and the most humane thing to do is to ease their suffering.

In addition to stories of our successes, we also measure our impact quantitatively. Below are some of our statistics:

  • 245 pets were kept out of the shelter system
  • 249 received vaccinations and medical care
  • 249 were provided spay/ neuter surgeries
  • 5 were reunited with their owner through a partnership with the Benton Co Animal Shelter
  • 2 were transferred to other rescues
  • 1 severely neglected dog was rescued through our community outreach program
  • 6 felines were saved from euthanasia
  • 13 were given love and proper burial at the end of their life when they would have otherwise died on the streets
  • 15 were rescued from a homeless colony and adopted into loving homes
  • 4 were TNR (trapped – neuter/spay – released)

All data is generated from intake and individual care records.

Below is a snapshot of our 2022 activity. These data are recorded in the Shelter Animals Count program.

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