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Born:   April 20, 2018 (estimate)

Health: He has had his kitten vaccines and has been neutered.

Temperament: Typical kitten with a sweet disposition although somewhat fearful.

Henry is one of two Ambassadors for Kitten Care.

He was found wandering in the woods and severely malnourished. He is still thin but is learning to trust and is eating ferociously and making gains daily.

Like his rescue-brother Parker, Henry reminds us that very young kittens require special care including kitten milk replacement to ensure they receive easily digestible nutrients important for their early development. They also need stability, comfort, an environment for building trust, and to explore, jump, tumble, and use their teeth and claws safely.

Henry loves his rescue brother Parker and they do everything together.

He is full of life and his day consists of roughhousing, running, playing in tunnels, and chasing toys. The remainder of the day is spent napping and eating.

To move forward with Virtual Adoption of Henry, click the button below and select Cat Virtual Adoption. In the optional note area, put Henry.