Mama Bella

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Born:   April 1, 2015 (estimate)

Health: Bella is in excellent health and is spayed. She is full of energy and loves to explore our 50 acre property.

Temperament: She is a bit aloof but can be loving too. She likes to call the shots on when you pet her and for how long!

Bella is our Spay/Neuter Ambassador

Bella came to us as a young cat who went into her first heat shortly after. We had her spay appointment set up so we rescheduled and kept her indoors and separated until it passed. Unbeknownst to us, she went into a second heat and got pregnant.

Many families and pet owners cannot afford the cost of spaying and neutering their pets. This results in overburdened rescues and a large homeless population. Many programs exist to help with costs associated with spay and neuters but many fall through the cracks. Bella reminds us of the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

Once Bella gave birth we waited for 6 weeks and began to search for homes for her kittens. Unfortunately all of the rescues and shelters were full. We were able to find a few private parties that wanted kittens but they fell through for one reason or another. As a result we ended up providing all 7 of them a forever home.

She is an explorer and enjoys roaming our property and climbing trees. She has a few interesting fears such as being deathly afraid of the sound a garbage bag makes when it is being opened.

She is a great mama to her adult kittens and still comes running when she senses they need protection.

To move forward with Virtual Adoption of Bella, click the button below and select Cat Virtual Adoption. In the optional note area, put Bella.