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Born:   April 20, 2016

Health: She is spayed and in excellent health.

Temperament: She is aloof but can be loving when she wants to be.

Trinity is our Ambassador for Rough Starts.

Trinity was born third in Bella’s litter.

When Trinity was born she stayed in the birth sac for a long time because Bella was exhausted from birthing the two kittens before her. Trinity waited alone in her birth sac for a period of time before Bella removed the sac and attended to her. Trinity is independent and stubborn.

Trinity is the one “kitten” that makes her own rules. She refuses to come when called unless she wants to. Although all cats can be this way to a degree, the others in our care will come after a few minutes except for Trinity. She refuses to listen.

Trinity adores her mama Bella.

Trinity loves sleeping in odd places like backpacks, under covers, and inside of furniture.

To move forward with Virtual Adoption of Trinity, click the button below and select Cat Virtual Adoption. In the optional note area, put Trinity.