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Born:   April 20, 2016

Health: She is spayed and in good health although she does have joint pain from time to time. She requires vitamins and high quality protein daily.

Temperament: She is very loving but can also be a bully.

Storm is our Ambassador for pet enrichment.

Storm is #5 of Bella’s kittens.

The way the black markings lined up on her head when she was born made it look like she had a mohawk. I named her Storm after the Marvel comic book character for this reason.

Storm is very attached to me and she has become very possessive. This has caused her to start being a bully. To help with this, we have implemented a policy of making sure each resident has individual time with their human daily for scratching, cuddling, and playing. It seems to be helping.

She has some aggressive tendencies which reminds us that cats need appropriate outlets for scratching, playing, and exploring to relieve stress and keep them emotionally healthy.

Storm loves to explore the outdoors and prefers to be in nature most of the time. She loves catnip too and has been known to roll in a pile of it until she is covered from head to toe!

To move forward with Virtual Adoption of Storm, click the button below and select Cat Virtual Adoption. In the optional note area, put Storm.