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Born:   April 20, 2016

Health: He is neutered and in good health. Oliver requires vitamins and high quality protein daily.

Temperament: He is very loving but prefers not to be picked up.

Oliver is our Special Needs Ambassador.

Oliver was first born of Bella’s kittens and is the only male of the litter.

At 6 months of age, Oliver became paralyzed. He had fractures in his spine and femur. The vet believes it is more than likely a result of congenital defects. He was on crate rest for a few months and received pain medication and muscle relaxants to allow his body to heal. He healed pretty well but now has a noticeable wobble when he walks. He is a special needs kitty that is full of life.

Oliver enjoys kisses, sweet talk, and being spun around on the floor! He is known to drool when cuddled.

To move forward with Virtual Adoption of Oliver, click the button below and select Cat Virtual Adoption. In the optional note area, put Oliver.