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When you purchase a retreat program,
you are purchasing the serenity, rejuvenation and self-discovery they provide all from the comfort of home!

Each program is a personalized program and will be designed specifically for you.

Mini Retreat

Experience rejuvenation in our 2-hour mini retreat. Enjoy all the components of the full day retreat in a condensed format. This is the perfect program for the busy professional.

Intensive Retreat

Our intensive retreat is designed for those looking to dig deep, discovering inner wisdom and tools for opening blocks.  You will experience time in each transformation room, guided processing, and personal coaching sessions before, during, and after the program. This retreat is designed to span 3 days.

Full Day Retreat

Our full day retreat includes entrance to each transformation room and a personal coaching sessions at specific intervals throughout the program. The full day retreat is perfect for those who desire time away from responsibilities and a mechanism for self discovery.

Reset Your Defaults

The Reset Your Defaults program is a full coaching package that spans three months. In this program you will engage in weekly coaching sessions, complete homework, and utilize the virtual transformation rooms to reset your default.

What do I mean when I say reset your default? Each of us has a certain way we participate in life, how we behave, what motivates us, how we respond to situations, and how we perceive the world around us. Because we often operate in a routine, we often don’t even realize how we are “showing up” in life. This is our default. Learn more about the neuroscience behind this here.

The Reset Your Defaults program draws from neuroscience, psychology, health education theory, and behavior change theory to help you discover your defaults so you consciously choose who you are and how you show up in life!

The program consists of the following framework. However, it is a personalized program so the methods and tools used will be based on what works best with who you are and who you strive to be.

Month One – Planting the Seeds

Week 1: Identify what’s holding you back
Week 2: The mind, body, heart connection
Week 3:
A clear vision of what you want to experience
Week 4: 
Realistic expectations

Month Two – Weeding & Pruning

Week 5: The power of our language
Week 6:
Crafting a toolkit
Week 7:
Week 8: 
Living Your Vision

Month Three – Harvesting the Gifts

Week 9: Discipline
Week 10:
Week 11:
Week 12:
What’s next

How to schedule a Retreat:

Decide which Retreat you are interested from the options above. After purchase, you will be contacted to schedule your retreat!

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