How to Prepare for a Virtual Retreat

Once you’ve selected the retreat you would like to experience, we suggest preparing for your Retreat by eliminating distractions and setting up your space.

Immediately after booking your retreat

  • Schedule time on your calendar
  • Arrange child care if applicable

The day of your retreat

  • Turn your cell phone off
  • Close email and other auto-notification programs to eliminate “pop-ups”
  • Use good quality headphones
  • Check your WIFI connection for stability
  • Choose a comfortable space: an outdoor patio, a comfy chair, at your kitchen counter, or any other space you’d like
  • Light a candle or use an aromatherapy diffuser
  • Have a container of fresh drinking water available
  • Make a pot of herbal tea
  • Have nutrient dense food available for when your retreat ends: healthy smoothie, fresh salad, fresh juice, or bowl of soup
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Use your favorite journal and pen or purchase a special one just for your Virtual Retreat



What to expect

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