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So what is a default and why should you reset it?

Our thoughts, behaviors, and actions form pathways in our brain. This is caused by neurons communicating between one another. When the pathway between neurons is traveled frequently by repeated behaviors, the pathway can become wider and more pronounced.

customLogoThis is similar to a forest path. If it is traveled frequently, it will be easy to find and travel on.

Conversely, when a path is not traveled it is difficult to find and walk along.

In our brain, when neurons fire repeatedly for the same thoughts and behaviors the pathways are traveled more frequently creating neural grooves. This makes it is easier for that particular thought or behavior to repeat.

When our pathways are traveled frequently with negative thoughts and behaviors we find ourselves experiencing things we don’t want to experience and wondering why we do what we don’t want to do.

ID-10044164The Reset Your Defaults program is set up to create neural pathways for positive thoughts and actions so those become more pronounced and easier for you to repeat. Over time, the old pathways for negative thoughts and behaviors will become less pronounced as they are traveled upon less and less.

The idea is to create well worn “forest paths” for positive pathways and create overgrown or unused pathways for negative behaviors.

The negative pathways won’t cease to exist. Rather, they will be unused. For this reason it is important to have a “non-solved” perceptive. This means you understand life will continue to present both blessings and difficulties and through daily habits, you reinforce neural firing along the positive pathway.

My hope is this becomes second nature making it exceptionally easy for you to respond to difficulties from a place of strength and hope rather than despair.




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