Brain Development

The Science

In infancy, our brain functions primarily in a theta brain wave frequency enabling us to absorb important behaviors needed for survival. When the behaviors we observe are dysfunctional, we learn unhealthy ways of relating to the world which become the blueprint for our life.

Dysfunction can be obvious like abuse and neglect or it can be subtle like watching a parent live life through busyness, constant striving to be ‘enough’, or with a lack of connection to others. As we grow and become adults these blueprints can become barriers to living life fully. Often this results in frustration, anger, and despair. Because these types of learned behaviors are at an unconscious level,  they can be difficult to identify and even harder to create lasting change.

One way that I have been impacted from childhood beliefs is the ever present belief ‘I am not enough’. Because of this blueprint, I constantly try to be more in pursuit of being ‘enough’. All around there is pressure to be more. Advertisers use it, movies, television, books, everywhere we turn we are inundated with images and messages reinforcing we are not enough. They suggest, “If you use this product, you will be what you have always wanted to be.”

It isn’t true!

Do you feel like your desire to be accepted and enough is often used against you?

If only you were richer,  more successful, stronger, thinner, younger, funnier, if only you were like “them”, all would be well.

This core belief absorbed in childhood, creates scenarios where we find ourselves showing up in life in ways that keep us stuck and exhausted.


But there is hope! Science shows us that we can change our brains!

Consider this:

It has been known for quite some time that trauma and stress-induced neurotransmitters alter our brain causing behavioral, emotional and health problems.

The research is now showing that our brains can also change through positive influences including mindfulness, music, art, and movement.

This is very exciting because it validates that we can in fact change our brain structures through simple interventions leading to happier, more joyful lives!!

Reset Your Defaults (RYD) exposes these limiting beliefs through gentle, nature-inspired programming providing mechanisms for self-discovery and personal insight. Through experiential activities and your own inner wisdom we create openings to rewrite your core beliefs.  You emerge with the tools necessary to be who you have always wanted to be resulting in a freer, more joyful, intentional, and authentic YOU!


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