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Tools for the Journey #1 – Identify your “BeingPlace” 

2 minute exercise

  • Find a quiet location where you will be very comfortable.
  • Close your eyes
  • Take a few deep breaths and think about a time when you felt amazing–the best you have ever felt
    • Where are you
    • What is happening around you
    • How do you feel in your body
  • Now take a few more deep breaths and remember that feeling
  • Associate the feeling with either a visual image of the location, a smell, a sensation, the face of a treasured pet, wild animal, or loved one
  • Open your eyes
  • This is your “BeingPlace”

Your BeingPlace is your go-to internal location when you want to return to a feeling of serenity. Whenever you are in need of rejuvenation, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and focus on your chosen image from the exercise above!

photo attributions: Tools Over A Wood Background by surasakiStock
Compass On Green Grass by winnond


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