Wind Chimes – iii


Windchimes. Simple version.


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These one of a kind wind chimes are really great and boast cool sounds from bells, the rustling of metal, and beads.

This wind chime is our simple version. It has two strands of beads and two strands of bells and disks. This is the perfect choice if you prefer an understated look.

Double Your Impact!

Proceeds from our one-of-a-kind upcycled pet food containers provide food and vet care for our rescued dogs and cats and keep tin cans out of our local landfills and recycling centers contributing to a healthier planet!

All of our upcycled products go through a thorough cleaning process including a hot cycle in the dishwasher, removal of labels and glue, and flattening of any sharp edges when needed. Each piece is unique and will more than likely have blemishes and quirks. On occasion one of our dogs will get ahold of a can and chew it or there will be rust or other blemishes. We have included these in our inventory because they are authentic and pretty cool looking.


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