Virtual Retreats

Through use of multi-media communication, videos, and web platforms the typical retreat concept morphs into a virtual experience! No need to pack a bag or travel to a retreat center!

In our Virtual Retreats you experience rejuvenation from the comfort of home. Or, a mountain getaway, beach bungalow, or any other location you choose.

Our retreats are designed to meet you where you’re at

Are you looking for a quiet get-away from the responsibilities of life?
Do you feel stuck and would like to engage in self-reflection?
Are you looking for inspiration?
Have you have experienced loss and would like to renew your spirit?

Our personalized retreats are designed specifically to meet you where you’re at. We do this by drawing from evidence-based methods (nature, animal therapy, laughter therapy, mindfulness, art, journal-writing, music, and movement) and weave them together with neuroscience, health education, and spirituality creating the perfect virtual retreat for you.

100% of funds generated from virtual retreats goes toward Rescue-Pet care!!

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