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Born:   April 20, 2016

Health: She is spayed and in very good health.

Temperament: She is very loving but has a few quirks.

Princess is our Ambassador for second chances.

Princess was second born of Bella’s kittens.

A couple visited Princess and adored her. They met our criteria and adopted her to be part of their family. A few days later they called and said she was not eating. Because of this she was returned to us and rejoined her feline family.

We aren’t sure if this experience created the issues we see in her, but assume it did.
She is the only kitten of the litter that goes potty outside of the cat box and refuses to use a cat box with a cover. Princess is low on the kitty totem pole and is picked on by the other cats.

She is probably the sweetest kitty of the bunch and most days crawls onto my chest and falls asleep purring contently. I think the sound of my heartbeat comforts her.

Some of her quirks are that she has a need to lick. Whenever she cuddles she insists only licking a hand. She also is the only kitty that doesn’t enjoy going outside and really prefers to watch from her perch in the window.

We provide Princess with individual time daily to make sure she feels loved.