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Born:   April 20, 2018 (estimate)

Health: Parker has had his kitten vaccines and has been neutered. His one health issue is he has had diarrhea since we rescued him. He has been under vet care but the problem has not subsided. Yet he is healthy and full of energy. We are hopeful this health issue resolved soon and he grows into a healthy adult cat.

Temperament: Typical kitten with sweet disposition. He loves to cuddle, play with toys, and explore.

Parker is one of two Ambassadors for Kitten Care.

He was found running from a large rodent and climbed a wall in his pursuit toward safety. He is named Parker after Peter Parker aka Spider Man.

It took a few days, but he learned to trust and now adores his people. He is full of life and his day consists of roughhousing with his rescue brother Henry. They can be found running, playing in tunnels, and chasing toys. The remainder of the day is spent napping, and eating.

He reminds us that very young kittens require special care including kitten milk replacement to ensure they receive easily digestible nutrients important for their early development. They also need stability, comfort, an environment for building trust as well as space to explore, jump, tumble, and use their teeth and claws safely.

Parker is very sweet and loves to cuddle. He is also very high energy, fearless, and an explorer. He is not afraid of any of the other adult cats. He is smart though and will approach a much larger cat then lay down in a display of submission.