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Born:   March 1, 1993 (estimate)

Health: Kiki is a senior and has had quite a few health issues recently. In February she had a mini stroke. She has dealt with skin issues for a few years and receives a steroid shot periodically. She is a picky eater and often goes through several types of food not wanting anything. Most days when all else fails she will eat tuna.

Temperament: She is still feisty and will stand her ground. Her nickname is Grumpy Girl. She loves stuffed cat toys.

Kiki is our Ambassador for Senior Felines.

When Kiki was rescued she had been abandoned and was living in a field. She had the thickest fur I had ever seen. Slowly her thick protective fur was replaced with soft hair.

One day shortly after I rescued her, I was doing some computer work and looked down to see a rabbit at my feet. Kiki had brought in her catch for me to see. The crazy thing was she hauled the rabbit over a wall and through a cat door. It amazed me she was so strong.

Kiki has always been a very active and loving kitty. She has been full of life and enjoyed every minute of each day. She began to have some health problems after a few years but has always been strong and full of life. She is now over 15 years old and is grumpy most days mostly because there are so many other cats around to annoy her!

She is very loving and enjoys curling up in your lap.

Even though she has had a mini-stroke and has difficulty walking, she is still full of spunk and has no problem letting you know when it’s time to feed her. Senior cats often require added nutrients and special accommodations. We provide a set of pet stairs for her to get up and down from furniture.