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Chaz is a 12 year old male who is staying at Revelation Gardens for a 3-month timeframe. He is a our only short term resident at this time. We offer sanctuary to pets whose owners are unable to care for them due to death or disability. In Chaz’s case, his human mom has a short-term disability so we stepped in to offer help. Chaz misses his mom but is settling in and spends his days napping and going for walks on our beautiful property. He is a sweet boy who enjoys being in the middle of whatever we are doing. His cutest feature: He turns in a circle when he is happy! To move forward with Virtual Adoption of Chaz, click the button below and select Dog Virtual Adoption. In the optional note area, put Chaz.

4 Comments on “Chaz

  1. Dawn and Carl,
    I want to thank you so much for taking such great care of Chaz. His mommy is my sister and she misses him like crazy; however, it’s incredibly comforting to know he is in your care! I can never ever thank you enough!!

    • He is a very good boy and we are happy to have him. I know he misses his momma too.

  2. Hey Dawn,
    How can I contribute?? I’ve hit menu on the link but I don’t see any place for donation under Chaz? Let me know! I will do that tonight!

    • Under Chaz, there are three products. Just click and it will take you to the Shop. Or, from the top page menu you can click Shop and select one of the canine products then choose Chaz.

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