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Born: 2009, September 23 (based on veterinarian’s age estimate and day we adopted)

Health: Very good.

Temperament: Sweet. Anxious with thunder. Hates baths and riding in cars. Obsessed with food.

Buddy is our Ambassador for Senior Canines.

Buddy was rescued after he was found wandering near a hunting lodge and spent over a month in the shelter. He has multiple growths on his body but is a grateful boy who loves toys and food.

We were told he was at risk of not being adopted because he is old and has health issues. Turned out the health issues were just fatty deposits under his skin that resulted in large bumps. He also has callouses on his skin from laying on concrete at the shelter. Buddy is one of the happiest dogs I have ever met always smiling and ready to play.

In our estimation he was not fed enough during his life because he obsesses over food. Buddy’s favorite past-times are playing with stuffed animal toys, running after balls, and snack time. He also loves to pose for photos!

To move forward with Virtual Adoption of Buddy, click the button below and select Dog Virtual Adoption. In the optional note area, put Buddy.