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Are you prepared for your pets’ care if you are involved in an accident?

We don’t like to think of situations where we have become injured or incapacitated, but things do happen.

In the event you are unable to communicate, the medallion will alert emergency personnel that you have pets. They simply text our PetHope service and we convey your petcare directives. This provides EMS personnel with the information they need to notify your pet’s emergency contact so your pets are safe and cared for.

PetHope includes the keychain and dogtag ball chain, petcare directive service, and training for EMS personnel. It is a full cycle product!

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Steps involved in using the PetHope service:

  1. Purchase a PetHope medallion
  2. Subscribe to the petcare directive service by texting Activ8 to 31996
  3. Complete the online petcare directive form or mail in a hardcopy from the brochure
  4. A digital and hard copy file of the subscriber’s petcare directives are kept on file. Subscribers have the option of mailing in additional information to be stored in a safe deposit box.
  5. Subscribers may update the petcare directives or their contact information as needed
  6. Subscribers use the medallion as a keyring or a necklace
  7. If an emergency situation occurs and the subscriber is unable to communicate that they have pets at home that will need care, emergency personnel text PetHope to 31996. This initiates a two-way texting protocol.
  8. A representative replies to the text and asks for the ID number on the medallion in order to access the subscriber’s petcare directive file
  9. Once the information is accessed, a representative texts the information to emergency personnel
  10. Emergency personnel phone the emergency contact, the veterinarian, or follow the steps outlined in the petcare directives ensuring pets are cared for in an emergency situation

PetHope provides peace of mind for you and your pets.

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If you have purchased a PetHope medallion and would like to enter your petcare directive information, please complete the form below.

You can change your information as needed

Revelation Gardens protects your private information. We will never share your information with anyone at anytime except when your PetHope service alert has been activated. We will share this information in the manner you have instructed.

All of your information is stored on a secure, protected server.

If you choose, you can mail us a hardcopy along with any other information you would like and we will keep it in our safe deposit box. If you would like the envelope to remain sealed, clearly write the receiver’s name on the outside of the envelope and print “To Be Opened By Addressee Only”.

Mail hardcopy to
P.O. Box 712
Camden, TN 38320

We are honored you are trusting us with your petcare directives. We sincerely hope your PetHope service alert is never activated, but if it is, we will communicate your important information accurately, confidentially, and as quickly as possible.


Dawn Harris,