The Virtual Retreat Center and the Reset Your Defaults program are unique.

Our copyright protects the overarching “Works” (Virtual Retreat Center and Reset Your Defaults program).

They draw from existing evidence-based, efficacious modalities. To be clear, the “Works” utilize public domain theory and methodology as well as links to video, music, and websites. These links provide direct access to the original author/artist.

There is no intention of claiming that Tree of Life Education Center, LLC or its Founder and Managing Owner, Dawn Harris own these linked works.

We are linking to other content as a tool of collaboration and to eliminate the need for “re-creating the wheel”.

Site images are either originals by Dawn Harris or from Freedigitalphotos.net. Each non original photo contains a link to the original source.

If I have inadvertently omitted a link or failed to give credit where due, please contact me as soon as possible by clicking here.

Dawn Harris
Founder and Managing Owner
Tree of Life Education Center, LLC