Take a few minutes to breath and contemplate what’s next for you. Feel free to go to any of the previous transformation rooms to achieve clarity.

Nature room


Writing Studio

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Artist Loft 

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Music Room


Movement Space

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Affirmations and Goals

A positive method of staying connected to the things you experienced during your Retreat is to create positive affirmations and goals.

  • Affirmations are most effective when they are in the present tense, simple, and positive.
  • Goals are most effective when they are SMART goals.

Refer to the assignments your coach gave you related to this area of your Retreat and the information from your coaching session.

An Effective Tool

Receive text messages reminding you of the affirmations and goals you’ve written. Once you have taken some time to reflect, fill out the form below to receive prompts to keep you mindful of your intentions.

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