Nature Room

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The Nature Room is a transformational space for you to engage in self-discovery and rejuvenation through the healing aspects of nature.

Through mindfulness techniques you will have opportunity to see the threads of your life and the tapestry that results. Below are two images to help reinforce this concept. The first is the backside of a tapestry, which is often how we view our lives–no clear view of the bigger picture.
tapestry back.png

The second image shows the front side of the tapestry where a scene is clear.


In life, sometimes we are unable to see how specific circumstances fit. We only see the mess of tangled threads. Through engaging with your coach, learning mindfulness techniques, and utilizing the art, music, movement, and writing assignments the tapestry of your life can become clearer.

One tool we use is the simple act of observing nature. Use the following videos to become quiet and still, to receive clarity, and to journey inward in self-discovery.

Some videos are very long. Use the assignment your coach gave you as a guide and stop the video at the length of time that corresponds with your assignment. Some of the videos are the work of others, please like their videos after watching to support their work.

Please choose from the animal videos or one of the nature videos. Once you have completed your mindfulness exercise, follow the prompts your coach has assigned.

Animal Videos.

Nature Videos. Choose from the list below or by scrolling down the page.

Aurora Borealis (1:57:10).

Birds (3:54).

Snow (4:00:03).

Campfire (4:01:13).

Flowers (2:01:20).

Forest pond (2:00:04).

Hike: Bryce Canyon (1:25:18).

Hike: Deep Forest (54:37).

Hike: Secluded Beach (1:01:29).

Maldives (8:00:09).

Mountains (10:00:00).

Ocean (4:59).

Poppy Meadow (3:00:25).

Rain (5:54).

River (7:45:09).

Sunlight (5:09).

Thunderstorm cabin (2:00:00).

Thunderstorm at sea (2:30:00).

Universe (1:34:52).

Waterfall (2:18:41).

Wind (5:08).

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