Music Room

Music is a powerful medium for reaching into the depths of who we are. Music is known for creating openings where there were walls, healing through vibration, and relieving stress. Music can be a tool for rejuvenation, self-discovery, and transformation.

Use this space to explore the prompts your coach assigned to you.

If you have access to musical instruments, records or CDs at home, I encourage you to use those for your processing and exploration. You can also use the links below to access music.

Some Ideas

  • The Infinite Jukebox

    This is a really cool jukebox ap where you can search for specific songs and watch a colorful display while it plays!

    Infinte Jukebox png

    Slacker Radio

    Select from a variety of genres in an online radio format.

    Slacker radio2 png


    Another online radio option for choosing from a variety of genres


    Air – Johann Sebastian Bach (5:38).

    Beethoven 5th symphony, first movement (7:04).

    Brain Music (1:11:10).

    Cecilia, Amazing Grace (4:53).

    Cherokee Morning Song (4:27).

    Eye of the Universe (1:10:59)–stop anytime you would like.

    Happiness Frequency (1:42:37)–stop anytime you would like.

    Instrumental (2:44:41)–stop anytime you would like.

    Keith Urban, Female (3:15).

    Lauren Daigle, Trust in You (3:43).

    Lauren Daigle, In Christ Alone (3:02).

    Mike Younger, Poisoned Rivers (5:02).

    Mike Younger, What Kind of World (4:30).

    Native American Flute Meditation (6:44).

    Relaxing Harp Music (3:03:20).

    Shamanic Drumming (3:00:00)–stop anytime you would like.

    Spiritual Hang Music (10:48).

    The Splendor of Color Kaleidoscope (2:00:50)–stop anytime you would like.

    Susan Shann, Earth Mama (4:21).

    Susan Shann, Share the Good (3:52).

    Theta Wave Music (2:05:03)–stop anytime you would like.

    Tibetan Singing Bowls (1:11:11).

    Tim McGraw, Humble and Kind (4:29).

    Worship Piano (1:58:14).

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