Artist loft

The Artist Loft

Art is an amazing tool for opening blocks, communicating difficult emotions, experiencing mindfulness, self expression, and feeling serene. Art therapy is a widely used discipline for healing and an important mechanism in the Tree of Life Education Center Retreats.

The Artist Loft is for you to use in many different ways. Begin with a project at home (some examples are listed below), or utilize the online applications below including digital vision board, coloringcoloring bookssketching, watercolor, painting, digital sandbox, and flame painter.

To get started, follow the prompts your coach assigned you. Enjoy the process and lean in for a journey of self-discovery!

Some ideas for working at home

  • Create a mosaic with photographs
  • Pick up an easel and some watercolors or paints, brushes, and paper and get creative
  • If you have access to a ceramic studio, spend some time with clay and a wheel then use the glazes and kiln to create a keepsake object
  • Performance Art. Feel free to come up with something that is performance oriented through dance, drama, or voice
  • Create a Vision Board or a Remembrance Collage

For this project you will need magazines and photos, poster board or card stock, self stick squares, glue, or use photo pages that are self sticking. Scissors or tear the images and words from the magazines for a different look.

Here is an example:


Mind Movies

This is a platform for creating a digital vision board. It can include music, affirmations, and images!

If you chose to receive this Add-on, you were given a link to access Mind Movies.


coloring png.png

Coloring Books

coloring books png.png


Sketchpad png.png



 Particle Field Sandbox.

Amberlight png.png

 Fluid Painter.

Fluid Painter png.png

Flame Painter.

Flame painter requires Adobe Flash Player 10.0.0 or greater

Flame Thrower png.png

Some find it inspiring to view works of art. Here is a link to Metropolitan Museum of Art (MoMA)! Click on the picture and browse the exhibits.


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