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317895_2359489273774_1653514_nDawn Harris is your Virtual Retreat coach and educator

Dawn earned a Master of Education from Vanderbilt University and has developed renowned distance learning curriculum for Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She has a background in psychology, clinical and translational research, brain-based learning, and spirituality.

Dawn Harris’ unique approach to transformation weaves together evidence-based methods rooted in health education, nature, neuroscience, and psychology to create personalized Virtual Retreats. Her personal experience and intuitive nature enables her to be a guide to others on their journey toward rejuvenation and empowerment.

This is what makes her effective!

Dawn’s wisdom is rooted in the natural world. She finds inspiration, healing, and guidance in nature and incorporates the remarkably restorative tools of mindfulness, art, music, movement, and journal writing into powerful programs.

Dawn’s unique ability to combine hard and soft science with spirituality and intuition enables her to create relatable, effective programs.

Her passion for self-transformation
has enabled her to develop her unique and effective methods Dawn-6 (2)
for guiding others into self-transformation.

Life often presents situations that are difficult
Dawn believes that to transcend difficulties you must face them. Instead of going over, under, or around them, it is important to look difficulty in the eye, so to speak, and move through it. She has studied mindfulness specifically through nature and draws upon this knowledge to guide others into their own self-discovery and transformation.

She also teaches that life will continue to present both blessings and challenges. The key is not to try to solve life. Rather, the key is to know how to navigate the difficulties when they arise and have a strong toolkit with simple strategies that become second nature.

Dawn promotes a personalized approach to transformation that you will explore together creating a toolkit based on your unique qualities and attributes.

Dawn creates a safe space for you to clear your blocks and embrace a serene and joyful life, as quickly as possible!

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