The one-minute pause

Life has a way of mimicking nature. It shows up in unpredictable and often inconvenient, if not downright troubling ways (think our recent thunder storms!). I have noticed within my own life, if I want to experience peace and joy I must consider my perspective and take action to ensure I am not flowing against the current of the day. I must pause and align myself with what is.

Pausing and aligning with what is, doesn’t mean I accept the circumstances and it doesn’t necessarily change the situation. Rather, pausing changes how I perceive life and myself. When I pause, my mind quiets and I am able to feel each sense more fully resulting in clarity and serenity. When I am clear and serene I am able to conceive of new ways to show up, which often results in changed circumstances.

Enjoy this one-minute pause, courtesy of Tree of Life Education Center and the Reset Your Defaults program.

For more information, please visit revelation-Gardens.org


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